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Terry Melkus, Managing Principal, ADDIE Solutions, LLC
Managing Principal, ADDIE Solutions, LLC
Mrs. Melkus has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration & Associate of Applied Science in Insurance from Fairmont State University, Fairmont, WV. She re-located to SC in 1990 to begin her career.

She worked with State Farm Insurance Company for eight years as a licensed insurance agent selling and servicing multiple lines of insurance. She worked with First Data Resources for eight years, first as a Corporate Trainer, advancing to Instructional Developer, Manager of Training & Quality Department, and Director of Training & Quality teams at multiple locations.

Mrs. Melkus started ADDIE Solutions, LLC in 2007. She continues to help businesses develop their people & processes and increase performance. Her strategy is to find the root cause of the issues or problems, make recommendation to resolve, and enhance the efficiencies and effectiveness of the business. Mrs. Melkus uses the ADDIE methodology in delivery of all solutions offered to clients.

The ADDIE model is the generic process traditionally used by instructional designers and training developers. Continual improvement processes. The acronym represents: A = Analysis, D = Design, D = Development, I = Implementation, E = Evaluation. Services offered are employee satisfaction surveys with analysis report, customer satisfaction surveys with analysis report, assessments for professional development & team building, and hands on observation for business coaching. She is walking out her passion for business, teaching, & helping others.

Mrs. Melkus is a Value Added Associate of TTI Success Insights. Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, Certified Professional Motivators Analyst, Certified Professional TriMetrix HD Analyst. Based on a unique 55-factor analysis, TriMetrix HD helps companies discover superior talent, improve communication, reduce turnover, and increase overall productivity. TriMetrix HD brings the four sciences of behaviors, 12 Driving Forces™, acumen and competencies together in a validated, bias-free and fully integrated assessment that meets EEOC and OFCCP requirements.

Contact Terry@addiesolutions.com or 843-693- 0396, www.addiesolutions.com

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