Customer Satisfaction (C-Sat)

Face it...if your Customer is not completely happy with your service, product or employee, they will find another business down the street that better serves their needs. Unfortunately, many businesses think they know what their customers want and expect, but in reality they either do not know or they fail to keep up with their Customer's ever-changing demands.

ADDIE Solutions partners with your business to identify your customer's expectations, develop programs to internally audit the quality of your product before it reaches your Customer, and receive direct feedback after the Customer interaction with your company.

Our Customer Satisfaction (C-Sat) program has a three-tiered approach:

  • Internal Customer Satisfaction (Quality Assurance)
  • First Contact Resolution (FCR)
  • Voice of your Customer (VOyC)

Internal Customer Satisfaction (a.k.a. Quality Assurance)

Congratulations - Your new employee has successfully completed training and is ready to hit the ground running! How do you ensure that your employee successfully transfers the knowledge gained in training to "real customer" situations? Do you currently have a tool that measures the product quality or service quality your employee is producing? ADDIE Solutions works with you to develop a customized Employee Performance Accountability process that is focused on:

  • Customized internal C-Sat or quality assurance
  • Data gathering, storage, trending, and drill down reporting to identify strengths and weaknesses for business and each employee audited
  • Various quality assurance strategies
  • Feedback and coaching of employees to improve performance

First Contact Resolution (FCR):

Has this happened to you as a consumer? You call your credit card company and after 10 minutes on hold, you finally reach a live person! After explaining your situation and answering a series of questions, your "live" person does not have the information you need so they need to transfer you to the department that can better assist you. Now comes the dreaded transfer - you guessed it, another 10 minutes on hold if you weren’t inadvertently disconnected during the transfer. Sound familiar? Frustrated, you hang up and begin to research other credit card companies that can service you the way you expect.

First Contact Resolution (FCR) is a business-process accountability tool that determines whether your customer's need or want was resolved at the first contact. If the Customer’s need was not resolved at the first contact, there is a defect in your business process; the key is to identify the defect and correct it to minimize future impacts to Customers.

Voice of your Customer (VOyC):

In a day when Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction are at all-time lows, do you know…

...what your Customer’s want and expect?
...if your Customer’s expectations have changed with time?
...if your Customer is completely satisfied with your product or service? well each of your employees are performing with respect to Customer Satisfaction?
...if your Customer is loyal, if they will return, and when?
...what other products or services your Customer would like to see?
...if your Customer is aware of other products or services you offer?
...if your Customer is recommending you to others?

Find out the answers to these questions and how you can increase your customer satisfaction levels!

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