Finding Your “Best Job Now” – Career Coaching

If you found a job to which you are perfectly suited, it would be like you never have to work.  We believe that there is a job like that for everyone. We simply have to know how to find out what it would be for you based on how you are wired, so to speak. If we then get that on your resume so that it reflects the real you, then you can begin your search in earnest to find that
exact job.

Step 1 TriMetrix™ Profile

The first step in looking for your best job now is for you to complete a TriMetrix® Profile which includes a behavioral profile, commonly called a DISC profile, a Workplace Motivators or Values profile and a Personal Talent Skills Inventory (PTSI). This is a very comprehensive online assessment. We send you a link to go to a website and you complete all three profiles.

The first part of the instrument is a Personal Talent and Skills inventory™. It measures talent in 23 areas used in business and gives a lot of information on what kinds of things you have the capacity or potential to do very well in.

The second part of the instrument will give insight into how you behave in 8 key ways and how you use your energy and show emotions. It will also provide you with a lot of information on your strengths and weaknesses and how others see you. It provides some insight into personality conflicts, communications, and what to look for in a job most suited to your style.

The third part is the Motivations or Values Instrument. It provides additional information as to what kinds of things motivate you in life. It will produce results in six areas and how those values shape the kind of job and culture you may want to work in.

These three profiles produce a PDF document that we'll send to you soon after you complete the assessment. After you have a chance to look at it, we will talk again. In this step we discuss in depth what you have learned about yourself and brainstorm possible jobs you might want to pursue. We look at all your profiles and your resume and help you decide which path to pursue.

Step 2 - Self Assessment

The second step in looking for your best job now is for you to complete our self-assessment process. We provide the worksheets to guide you through each of these steps.

Step 3 - Rework Your Resume or Plan

This next step is for you to rework your resume and add some key information that you have learned about yourself. You also see examples of what a great resume looks like and a several types of resume formats. We'll give some feedback about changes that need to be made. We share tips on what the resume needs to contain to get the results you want.

Step 4 Job Search Strategies

The next step is to learn to use the best strategies and detailed processes for finding a job. We also teach you how to tap into the hidden job market. We will also provide any contacts that we have in the field you choose. We provide best websites to use to help you find a job and answer any questions you have about your search.

Step 5 Interviewing, Negotiating, Extended Coaching

In the event you want to continue with our help, we also can coach your interviewing skills and help anticipate the kinds of questions you may be asked in a behavioral interview. We teach how to read job postings and anticipate hiring questions. We also help with salary and benefits negotiation and some salary ranges and etiquette about the negotiation process.

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