Voice of your Employee

Do you know what your employees are talking about around the water cooler? Do you have a process in place to hear their voice when you can make a difference, or do you wait until it is too late? ADDIE Solutions has a systematic process for obtaining continuous feedback from your employees so they have a voice and you have the information needed to ensure their satisfaction within the company.

ADDIE Solutions gathers the VOyE information through:

  • Supervisor Evaluation - A quick survey to identify how an employee feels about the level of support their Supervisor provides
  • Round Tables - Systematic approach to receiving employee feedback regarding all facets of the business; includes assigning and tracking action items to improve overall morale
  • Surveys - Surveys given to employees to gather feedback on processes, development opportunities and other areas that affect an employees attitude about the business

The information gathered here and using other methods is fed back into the business for performance improvement.

Our solutions are designed to create a Balance of Accountability on where the employee holds the business accountable and the business holds the employee accountable.

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