Voice of your Customer

What's in it for you (WIIFY)? - By understanding what your Customer is saying about your business, you are able to balance their WANTS and EXPECTATIONS with the NEEDS of your business.

Our VOyC program contacts your Customer to receive feedback regarding past interactions with your company, their expectations, and other questions as it pertains to your line of business. Whether you provide a service or a product, a Customer’s loyalty should be your priority because studies show that it costs anywhere from 7 to 11 times more to obtain a new Customer than it does to retain the current Customer you have today. Why spend this time, effort, and money for new Customers when all you need to do is satisfy your existing Customers?

VOyC - Customer Expectations

ADDIE Solutions provides in-depth reporting with the ability to drill down the Customer’s satisfaction right to your employees performance by:

  • Identifying strengths and gaps relating to Customer satisfaction, presenting an opportunity to correct internal processes and reducing further Customer dissatisfaction
  • Allowing Customers to see that you care about their satisfaction which leads to Increased Customer loyalty and increased sales
  • Identifying and projecting Customer loyalty
    • If Customer says they will not return, find out why and change their frame of mind or provide alternatives to their reason for not returning
  • Identifying what is most important to Customers when contacting your business
  • Identifying changes in Customer’s behavior, wants and needs with time
  • Identifying opportunities for additional sales


A Customer Expectation excerpt from the Harvard Business Review:
Jump off the bandwagon and exceed your customer's expectations!

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