Benefits of implementation of Behaviors (DISC) & Motivators

DISCOne of the things occurring repetitively in organizations is the need to be more effective and efficient. The problem comes into play when trying to balance what might seem to be two things that are at the opposite side of the spectrum. At times it may seem that one is sacrificed for the other. Finding a balance can be accomplished by helping team members to understand themselves, understand and value each other, and converting the knowledge to wisdom for application in the workplace and in life.

Applying and using TTI behavior (DISC) and motivator assessment tools to develop individuals as well as teams within organizations has proven to be a valuable tool for:

  1. Self-awareness and understanding – to truly see “how” you behave and “why” you are driven with tasks and/or people and if you are assertive or responsive. It is an ah-ha moment to help drive true alignment, balance, and happiness in life and work./p

  2. Understanding and valuing others – to truly see others through a different lens. Understanding “how” they behave and “why” they are driven.

    Learning to not take it personal and to embrace it as who they are and to respect it as their strength on the team and/or in the relationship.

  3. Team building and enhanced relationships – once learning about yourself and others from a behaviors and motivators perspective, building cohesive relationships and teams becomes less of a challenge. When you are able to better understand others and their driving forces and what they need from you to make decisions, work on projects/tasks, and to communicate more effectively, you will experience enhanced relationships. This insight should not be to manipulate others but to give them what they need to function effectively and efficiently. The natural benefit to converting this knowledge to wisdom results in increased understanding and respect for each other, less conflict, and truly cohesive teams and relationships.

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