ReStart Career Webinar Series by Terry Melkus

Taking Stock Session, Monday May 11, 630-830 EST

The ReStart Career Conference has successfully pivoted to an on-line format to continue offering career coaching to the community. We launched the ReStart Career Webinar Series on Monday, May 4. The series will run weekly for six weeks. I will be presenting the Taking Stock (self-assessment) Session Two via ZOOM Monday, May 11, 630-830 EST. I am looking forward to sharing my TTI expertise to contribute to the ReStart mission.

ReStart is a Christian ministry equipping the unemployed, the underemployed and those in career transition to live with purpose by securing the position God has designed uniquely for them.

The Learning Objectives of the Taking Stock (self-assessment) Session:

  • Understand your uniqueness through exploration of Behavioral Styles – D.I.S.C – “How you Behave”
  • Understand your uniqueness through exploration of Motivators – Driving Forces – “Why you are driven/motivated”
  • Apply the understanding of your personalized TTI Talent Insight assessment results for career direction
  • Understand how to use the integrated pages of your TTI report in all other ReStart sessions
  • Understand three key decision areas for career choices – location, job, re-tool

A special thanks to Target Training International (TTI) for providing the assessment links for participants and to TWIF Marketing for developing an on-line learning portal in record time allowing for an efficient and effective communication and workflow tool.

Restart Career Webinar Series

Taking Stock Session, Monday May 11, 630-830 EST

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