Giving Feedback

Feedback can be difficult to give to others. Receiving feedback can be even more difficult to accept. In both circumstances, negative feedback, or constructive criticism, is the most difficult to give or receive. Our natural instinct is to avoid or procrastinate providing negative feedback. My own rule of thumb for providing feedback, especially negative, is …

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Succession planning

Lessons Learned from the Boss – Part 1 “Work yourself out of a Job”

Your work manager has profound influence over your professional development. A great manager can have a positive impact on your growth in skills, knowledge, and attitude. When a manager takes a genuine interest in the success of the employee, that manager will invest time and energy into developing employees in their current position while preparing …

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What is your learning style?

Have you ever thought about the different ways people learn? Have you ever noticed that you can teach the same thing in the same way to different people and some understand and others seem confused? If you are conscious of the ways you learn and the way others learn, it will help enhance communication and …

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