A lot of people tell me they have completed a DISC assessment at some point in their lifetime and can normally recall something general about the assessment results. Some might even remember their main behavior as a D, I, S, or C.

Companies do use DISC assessments in hiring, communication enhancement, and/or team building. Individuals and companies need to understand the importance of correctly interpreting the results of these assessments. When used properly, information obtained from the DISC profile report helps people better understand themselves, understand and value others, and blend the differences. DISC assessments can be used to build cohesive teams and strengthen relationships. Correctly implemented, DISC helps individuals and companies assign tasks properly, empowering individuals to work within their strengths.Behavior

DISC is “how” we like to do things. It examines our observable behaviors and why we choose to perform a task in a certain way. If for instance you asked a person to dismantle and dispose of an office desk, each person would tackle the task differently.

From a DISC behavior perspective:

  • The “D” or Dominance—would get rid of the desk and be ready for the next task.
  • The “I” or Influential—would get rid of the desk but would want to have some fun with peers while carrying out the task.
  • The “S” or Supportive—would get rid of the desk but would want to make sure you support the directive, probably asking a few questions before carrying out the task.
  • The “C” or Compliance—would get rid of the desk, but before doing it would have several questions making sure he/she is correctly disposing of the desk.

Each person would accomplish the task; the difference is in “how” each person completes it. It is important to understand that we all display the four behaviors, but one will be more prevalent. As a leader, you need to understand and consider the strengths of your team members when assigning job tasks. You will then be better able to provide support and select team members appropriately for group projects.

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