Learning from Others

Being an avid learner, I must agree with the author on this great article.  Especially, the comment, “I’ve yet to meet someone who couldn’t teach me something”.  We learn so much from others when we are open minded and put forth the effort to listen and learn.

Also, point number 5 (Learning is good; Doing is better) hit home with me.  In my teaching experiences over the years, I have learned that hands-on experience or application of what is being taught is essential to the learning process.  I can tell you “how” to do something but the moment you actually “try it” or experience it yourself is when the true learning experience happens.  Doing should not take the place of learning but should be a vital part of the learning process.  It is in the hands-on experience time that so often you see those light bulb moments….the very thing that keeps us Trainers coming back for more!

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