A lot of people tell me they have completed a DISC assessment at some point in their lifetime and can normally recall something general about the assessment results. Some might even remember their main behavior as a D, I, S, or C. Companies do use DISC assessments in hiring, communication enhancement, and/or team building. Individuals …

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Do you get up when you fall?

The old saying, “you can’t win them all…you win some and you lose some” doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your best foot forward giving your complete effort and being into what you are doing. You do. Always do your best. Whether you’re playing a simple mobile game like “Words with Friends” or a more complex game like “Scrabble,” you give everything your best effort with the desire to win.

What is your learning style?

Have you ever thought about the different ways people learn? Have you ever noticed that you can teach the same thing in the same way to different people and some understand and others seem confused? If you are conscious of the ways you learn and the way others learn, it will help enhance communication and …

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What is the most important question to ask your Customer?

One of the services offered by my business is customer satisfaction surveys. I’ve worked with several clients to design, develop and implement surveys geared around questions that they are seeking the answer to in or in order to improve the business performance. I’ve designed surveys that are short and some that are very lengthy. No …

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